About the project

About the project

All these issues are already more or less tackled by the consortium members, mainly by supervising PhD and Post-Doctoral works. The added value of the consortium is to allow a direct scientific exchange between members that should result in synthesis papers, in the identification of the major knowledge gaps, and in extending, deepening and disseminating knowledge of digital soil mapping, with the final aim to contribute to the achievement of GlobalSoilMap. Another added value of the consortium will certainly be to foster the creation of new ideas.

As the consortium members already have collaborations in many parts of the world, these developments and tests will be applied in most of the continents and for spatial coverages ranging from small regions, states, continents and the entire world. In France, we will mainly focus on mainland France and on the “Centre Val de Loire” region, and will also incorporate regional applications in other French regions.

From an institutional point of view, the consortium also aims at:

i) Monitoring and watching proposals and research calls, either from a regional, national or European level or from bilateral calls for cooperation, exchanges or hosting.

ii) Coordinating applications to these proposals and calls, according to eligibility and fit-to-purpose criteria.

iii) Writing common proposals for PhD or Post-Doc funding.

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